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Science in hinduism-Extraction-Contraction and creation of universe
Posted By Sarin on Jun 30, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In this article, we will see the mention of trillions of universe in our religious scriptures and also types of lord Vishnu. If you think there is only one lord Vishnu then you are probably wrong and this article is worth reading. In this article, we will also see the base of our creation as per Hindu Scriptures and will also see the astronomical, scientific (Expansion-Contraction, Big bang) as well as Evolutionary details abstracted in them.  
Till now, our planet is the only known planet which has given birth to Life; however, it does not mean that it is the only one capable of supporting Life and there is no other planet in our universe that has living beings in it.

Although science has not confirmed it and scientist are still trying to find out whether the universe exists by itself or is just one of the countless trillions within a larger Multiverse itself contained within the Omniverse that is the Material World but our religious scriptures has claimed that not only there are Billions and Billions of Stars in each Galaxy; but also Billions of Galaxies in each Universe, and also Billions of Universes in the Material Creation!!

Ore religious scriptures also claims that Life in its myriad forms exists in not just one but many other planets in the universe as well. i.e. existence of aliens.

Billions of stars in our Galaxy Milky Way

Trillions of Galaxies in the Universe

Zillions of Universes emerging from Shri Maha-Vishnu
Sadly, Human race have been illusioned by our Atmosphere and sheltered from the harsh truth of our Universe for so long, that we just can't remember how things are outside of it.
Swami Vivekananda, one of the most intellectual proponents of Hinduism says - Indian philosophy goes beyond both Intelligence as well as Matter and describes a Purush (Supreme Being), as one who’s Intelligence is the borrowed light.

According to the Bhagavat Puraan, this Supreme Being or adi purush is the Supreme Lord Vishnu. This is also the first type of lord vishnu

Adi purusha or maha Vishnu
As per bhagavad purana, The First Step in Creation is called as FIRST Sarga:
Because of the Wish of Maha Vishnu, there arises a disturbance in equilibrium of the 3 qualities (Guna) of Satva(
purity), Rajas (dim) and Tamas(dark) which results in the formation of subtle imperceptible matter called the ‘Maha-Tattva’. This subtle matter cannot be perceived by our material senses yet it forms the basis of all that follows! It is from this Maha-Tattva , which Intelligence (Buddhi) manifests along with the sense of Ego (Aham). Lord Brahma is the Abhimani (Controller) of this Maha-Tattva since His body is said to be created from this very Mahat Tattva as described later in this article
Mahat Tattva emanating from Shri Maha Vishnu  
Mahat Tattva is formed by the conglameration of 3 Parts of Rajo Guna and 1 part of Tamo Guna. By this, one should not mistake that there is no Sattva guna in Maha-ttatva. As Rajo guna and Tamo gunas themselves are mixtures of the three gunas, Rajo Guna and Tamo Guna contain portions of Sattva Guna also. In fact Satva portion is present in more quantity in Rajo Guna than Rajo portion itself. Similarly, in Tamo Guna, Sattva portion is more than the Tamo portion.

The mahat-tattva is the total consciousness because a portion of it is represented in every living being as the intellect. Actually, the mahat-tattva, or shadow of pure consciousness, is the germinating place of all creation.
 It is pure goodness with the slight addition of the material mode of passion, that the activity is generated from this point.
srila prabhupada has said the following about maha tattva
The physical universe (mahat tattva)is a virtual reality that is real but temporary

Note that Hinduism religious symbol Swastika is based on these satva components which I shall discuss in a separate post

Above image show all these gunas in Sanskrit terms. Now, explanations of all these gunas are beyond the scope of this article and will be discussed separately.  
In other words it can be said that it is Purush who results in the formation of both Subtle Matter and Intelligence which further gives rise to the Mind or ‘Mann’.  
In the SECOND Sarga(Step), the Mind gives rise to 5 Basic Elements, the Panch-Mahabhoot which
  1)    Water (Jal)
2)    Agni (Fire)
3)    Air (Vayu)
4)    Ether or space(Aakash)
5)    Earth (Prithvi)
     Like the three Primary colors (Red, Blue and green) give rise to Matter in its various forms through their different permutations and combinations, similarly, permutation and combination of these five elements are the foundation for everything that exists in this universe.

The THIRD Sarga (Step) consists of the Dash-Indriyan which include the 5 Sensory Perceptions - Vision, Hearing, Smell, Touch and Taste & 5 Organs of Action - Mouth, Hands, Genitals, Anus and Feet.

These THREE Phases of Creation are collectively are known as PRAKRITIK (Natutal) Sarga as they are not a creation of Brahma and come into being from the Natural Energy of the Lord, known as Prakriti . Note that some religious scriptures (Ex: Shiva puraan) express this creation in a slighty different way but more or less, all scriptures say the same thing that everything that exist in the universe are the creation of the supreme creator

Example of some materialistic creations

Now let us see the main part of our creation which is more entertaining and fascinating

Creation of OUR Universe

After these basic building blocks, the stage was now set for the creation of our Universe (and indeed other Universes too!). i.e trillions of universe

In science, you may have learned that skin has many pores. Hairs in your body grow from these pores. But the most important concept of pores is that the pores expands and shrink and this sets the base of our creation. As per bhagavad puraan, Multiple Universes emerge from the Infinite pores of Shri Maha Vishnu's cosmic body each time the lord exhales. The Lord again enters EACH of these egg-shaped Universes in His SECOND form of Shri Garbhodak-shayi Vishnu .
(Notice the two forms of lord Vishnu in the above statement)
Each Universe emerging from Maha-Vishnu (First form of vishnu) contains a Garbhodak-shayi Vishnu (Second form of Vishnu)
Now the above creation process can be validated by at least two scientific concepts  
  1)    big bang
    2 ) Extraction-Contraction
Details on validation of big bang have been mentioned in one of my previous article. So, here I will be explaining only Extraction-Contraction.  

Universe contraction depicted in above image
According to theory of Extraction-Contraction, Universe expands and contracts simultaneously and currently, the universe is in the contraction phase. This perfectly fits our above explanation. Moment the lord start exhaling, universe comes into being and expands till the lord exhales and whenever the lord start inhaling, universe starts contracting and finally destroyed when the inhalation process is over. Note that we are living in the fourth and last Yuga (Age) and so, the scientific theory which states that currently universe is contracting also perfectly fits here since the lord was exhaling in the first two yuga and lord should be inhaling in the next two yuga (Presently last yuga kaliyuga).
This also means that the universe that includes us is nothing but just one breath of this maha-Vishnu (supreme creator). Still, all humans on earth are fighting unnecessarily on the name of the religion, under the Maya (illusion) spread by the supreme creator.
Now let us see the second form of lord Vishnu (Shri Garbhodak-shayi Vishnu)  

This second form of the Lord reclines on the Great Serpent Anant (Without-an-End) and is the Maintainer for His respective Universe. To use an analogy, consider Him like a chief minister of the state while Maha-Vishnu is like the Head of the Nation!  

Garbhodakasayi Vishnu with his consort lakshmi and brahma dev

The Garbhodakasayi Vishnu, enters each and every universe, spreads water from His body, and lies down on that water. From His navel, the stem of a lotus flower grows, and on that lotus flower the first creature, Brahma, is born. Within the stem of that lotus flower are fourteen divisions of planetary systems, which are created by Brahma Although He is within each material universe, the influence of material energy cannot touch Him. The master of the universe, the Garbhodakasayi Vishnu , is also worshiped as the Hiranyagarbha Supersoul(Born-of-The-Golden-Egg) because He takes shape inside the Universal Egg or Brahmand. This also means that each universe is in the form of an egg and each universe has its First LIVING, Shri Garbhodakshayi Vishnu. This egg (Hiranyagarbha) is also worshipped in Hinduism and you will find this egg type structure in many hindu temples

Golden egg) worshipped in hindu temples

Science is not even able to go beyond this solar system and so, I don’t think science will ever be able to determine the shape of this universe. So, now I live it up to you guys whether you want to believe only in science which is just validating the Vedas and related religious scriptures or you want to think beyond the illusion spread by the supreme creator, accepting the supreme creator for everything that exists in this universe.  
I am tried writing this article and so, I will continue the remaining part in my next article. But before I end my small written poem to summarize and conclude.
If you are a pagan atheist,
You don't believe in any god.
Read this scientific piece,
Give it a shallow thought.
Whenever the supreme lord exhales,
Trillions of universes he creates.
And when the supreme lord inhales,
All created universe extirpates.
There three forms of lord vishnu
Each having their own task to do
Creates maha-tatva with three gunas
Creates universe and galaxies too
He is the creator of five elements,
Creator of everything that exists.
Those who don't reckon his presence
Are trapped in his illusionary twists.
All glory to the supreme god,
None of his creation is flawed.
If you’re devotee of loving lord
Give this article your positive nod.
Coding is my passion, Spiritual knowledge- my wealth and bhakti(Devotion)-my love    
                                                                                                                                           -Sarin mall                                                                                                                                          
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