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Ill effects of caste system
Posted By Sarin on May 20, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Caste system ruined India and its true culture
India falled from being the gemstone of the world to one of biggest debtors since the caste system was taken very seriously. Contrary to these, western world progressed forfold despite being less civilized and powerful, only reason being equal fundamental rights for all irrespectve of their birth. Because of discriminative caste system, our homeland as divided into two countries and may be divided furthermore until this discriminative behaviour stops.
There is some respite because caste system has reduced considerably but still some broad minded politicians continously thrives to take this caste system has their voting tool by proactively trashing or encouraging all traditional rituals,customs, rites on the basis of birth-based caste system.

Caste system dwindled our country?
Because of the present caste system, India is consistently being hammered by many foreign countries. Indians are treated as racist because of the caste based or birth based discrimination caste. This can also be attrbuted as the major reason for racist attacks on NRI indians. This also gave rise to many Maoists-like terror organization.
Caste system is responsible for lower caste Hindus conversions?  
Restricting basic fundamental rights to lower caste Hindus is the primary reasons for many conversions happening among the lower caste Hindus. Some of these are:
1) Person belonging to vaishya or shudra caste was not allowed to marry women of higher castes.
2) Person belonging to vaishya caste had limited right to perform and participate in certain vedic rituals
3) Person belonging to Sudra caste was not allowed to study the vedas or even hear the sacred chants
4) Person belonging to Sudra caste was not allowed to observe any vedic rituals or samskaras except a few

Hindus converted to islam
Many of the hindus accepted Buddhism or Sikhism since these religions were derived from Hinduism by abandoning caste-based society among many other rules. Not only that,many Islamic and Christian emissaries present in India take this opportunity to lure lower caste Hindus and convert them to christain/islam by assuring them much better equal rights and monetary benefits. This caste system is indeed responsible for destroying the basic ethics, culture and traditions of the country.
 Caste system declined Hinduism
Great Pundits who didn't allowed conversion to Hinduism caused eventual and slavery partition of India. To date, Hinduism is the only religion to not accept conversion. Of course, There is an another way of converting to hinduism by paying some handome bucks to hindu preist/organisation in varanasi or similar religious places. Hinduism conversion was first propagated by Arya Samaj Shuddi movement, following which fake brahmins for materialistic pleasure started fooling non-hindus over the last few centuries.
Many such fake Brahmins declares that non-Hindus are converted to Shudra caste of Hinduism but cannot be Kshatriyas or Brahmins.British author Stephen Knapp, who bestowed Hinduism more than all pundits of varanasi and kashi together is still not allowed in Jagannath Temple because of not being a hindu by birth which means he has to do severe meditation and penance to take birth as Hindu in his next right. What a stupid way of thinking.
Many non-hindus who are attracted by hindu culture and traditions run away from converting to hinduism because of such discriminative politics.
Caste System gave rise to caste based terror organisation?

One can accept islam by expressing his desire by going to a nearby mosque. All the necessary arrangement shall be made quickly by muslim preist for such conversion. Some church even pay bucks to become a Christian. But if some non-hindu goes to temple preist to embrace their forefathers religion, preist would mock at him and he may be even barred from entering temple premises. For example, Interiors of Vishwanath temple in Kashi can be visited by only Brahmins. If any shudra want to visit its interiors, then a list of penances would be listed out which may be as filthy as eating cow dung or cow milk for few days.Sects like ISKCON have made conversion much easier and this is the reason for their propound success.. But many other religous organisation term them as frauds and iskcon members are still denied permission to enter Jagannath/Vishwanath/Kanchipuram or Dwarka temple and their right of preaching vedas and bhagavad gita are often questioned. ISKCON try to play safe by recommending its followers to read only Bhagvat Puran, bhagvad gita and similar texts.

Iskcon-Institution responsible for upliftment of hindus
Caste system created Partition of India
Indians often cry about the partition and Muslim hardliners. But very few of them may know that mohammad jinnah grandfather was a Hindu, forced to convert to islam due to absurd reasons. Stupid caste system treated them as a Mleccha(uncivilised) and often provoked them.

Mohammed ali Jinnah, face behind parition of india, was originally a hindu
Later, legends like Swami Shradhanand and Swami Dayanand started Shuddhi movement which was well supported by intellect revolutionist like Savarkar. They were opposted by brahmins earlier but later allowed conversion of non-hindus to imoractical shudra or vaishya caste.
Bause of this, 90% of indian subcontinent Muslims or Christians are the results of conversion from hinduism due to discriminative caste system Rather than condemning other religions, caste or faith, one should ask himselfWhat he can offer to bring such converteds back to hinduism with respect and dignity.
Caste system made indians slave of foreign ruler?
When india was invaded by foreigners, lower caste (Shudras) didn't fight since they didn't had the authority to do so unless the kshatriya king order them to do so and the kings whose main responsibility is to defend its people cowardly surrendered to them by accepting defeat. A true Kshatriya never accept defeat until his death but many cowards rajputs and jats accepted becoming slaves instead of dying in battle. Not only such rajputs served Mughal armies but also joined them to figght against other Indians kings Shivaji fought and defeated many such called Kshatriya Rajput's slaves of mughal empire. A shudra warrior is more honourable than such brave and powerful Kshatriya warriors (rajputs and jats). Because of such warriors, less powerful british empire ruled india for two centuries just by rejecting caste based discrimination. In short, Upper caste kshatriya and brahmins are responsible for Indian slavery under British and Mughal rule.So such brahmins and kshatriyas defending birth based caste system are infact Shudras as per their actions(Karma)
These caste systems were used by Mughal and British ruler as a bait to create war and conflicts between different sects of Hindus. By making indians fight against themselves mughals and british removed their stiff opposition and ruled India for centuries.

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