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Example of historic examples against present caste based system
Posted By Sarin on May 15, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In my earlier articles, we discussed on how the original vedic caste system was not based on birth; instead it was based on his/Her karma(Deeds). i.e Caste of the person is determined according to the deeds he performs in his life. In this article, we will see many historical characters whose caste changed according to the karma(Deeds) they did in their life.
If You haven’t read my earlier post, then please read Part-1   ,  Part-2   , part-3  and part-4   on caste system before you read this post.a)Chandogya Upanishad has the mention of Satyakama, the illegitimate son of a prostitute Shudra woman who was initially clueless of her son father) went on to become the most renowned Brahmin for his well documented work. This shows that the people(including lower caste Shudra and chandalas) had the option of choosing any occupation provided they follow all the rules and norms of that occupation..  
b) Valmiki started his life as a robber in his early days. But later did extreme penance and repentance to become on of the most knowledgable revered Brahmin of all times. Due to his extreme penance and bhakti, he was given the honour of writing Ramayana by lord brahma. Thus, becoming a great human being from being a chandal (meaning -brutal and cruel person) not only showcase his personal achievement, but also gives us the idea of such conversion accepted by the society. In general,the concept of untouchability (to person belonging to any class) has no existence in vedas. A person was shunned or condemned for engaging in activity not acceptable to the society. Moreover,it became very evident that one's penance and wise behaviour can change any social stigmatic situation. Actually, this kind of criminals/sinners rehabilitation existed in ancient indian civilization; and still existstoday in so called modern and civilised countries.  

c) In Ramayana, sage Viswamitra conducted Yagna (worship) at which the conducting priest was once a Yajmaan (worshipper) and other time a Chandaal(Untouchable).  
d) Even in the Mahabharata,king Shantanu married a Shudra girl Satyavati (daughter of fisherman), and that too with pre-nuptial agreement of her children, ruling the throne of hastinapur, instead of his step son. Everything happened as per the agreed pre-nuptial agreement. This shows that the intercaste marriages were quite prevalent in those era and womens were free to choose their husband and demand royalty..  

King shantanu with fisherman satyvati
e) Lord Rama was assisted by mostly men of lower castes, who lived in the forests and were ignorant of the Vedic scriptures. Ex: Nishada (Adivasi king), keawat(boatman), sugriva (Vanaras or semi-human), Jatayu(animal) etc.
f) Lord Krishna himself was raised in a low caste family of cowherds. So was his step brother, Balarama,incarnation of shesh nag 

Lord Krishna, balarama and his friends
g) Only three or four of the  ten incarnations Lord Vishnu came from higher castes. Of the ten only one, the incarnation of Vamana, belongs to the Brahmin caste. Buddha, Rama,Parashurama all belonged to Kshatriya caste while his first major incarnations such as matsya(fish), kurma(turtle), Varaha(boar) and narsinmha(half lion-half man are actually semi-animal incarnations.

Lord Buddha
h) Lord mahavira (founder of Jainism), Lord Buddha (founder of budhism) and guru gobind singh(founder of Sikhism) . All of them were born in a Kshatriya family, but later went on to live an ascetic life like a Brahmin.

May other examples against caste system
There are many other examples where ancient rishis(sages) came from modest backgrounds.  
  1)    Parasurama was the greatest warrior by profession but a brahmun by birth.
      2)    Vishwamitra was a warrior (kshatriya) by birth but did deep meditation like brahmin to became a great sage(rishi).
3)Sage Parashar was the son of an outcasted chandaal.  
4)sage Vyasa-narrator of mahabharata was a fisherwoman son whereas rishi vashishta was son of a prostitute, while r> 5)    Some composers of Upanishadic and Vedic hymns were from mixed castes or lower castes.
6)    Satyakama Jabala was born to a prostitute who could not tell him who his father was.
7)    Karna(originally Kshatriya), the greatest warrior character of the Mahabharata was raisedup in a low caste sudra family.
8)Drona, the guru of the Pandavas, although a Brahmin excelled in martial arts and war skills  
9)Vidur, son of a dasi(servant) became a famous Brahmin and ethical minister of Hastinapur kingdom.
10)    Aitareya Rishi was born to a Daasa(Servant) but became a revered Brahmin when he wrote Aitareyopanishad and Aitareya Brahman. Only a person possessing knowledge of rigveda becomes Aitareya Brahman.
11)  Ailush Rishi born to a gambler Dasi(servant) became a brahman by his spiritual achievements. He was honoured as a Acharya(Aitareya Brahman) and was invited in all major functions.
12)    Satyakaam Jabaal although wborn to a prostitute became a Brahmin later.
13)Son of King Daksha,prishadh, became a Shudra due to hsi wrong deeds. Later, he did penance(Tapasya) to achieve salvation.
(Vishnu Puran 4.1.14)
if Tapasya was banned for Shudra as falsely claimed in Uttar Ramayan, how was Prishadh able do so?
14)     Nabhag, son of emperor Nedishtha became Vaishya. Later, most of his again became warriors(Kshatriya). (Vishnu Puran 4.1.13)
15)Dhrist,son of Vaishya Nabhag became a Brahmin but his son choose to became warriors(Kshatriya) (VP 4.2.2).Further many became Brahmin in his generation.(VP 9.2.23)
16)Agniveshya,a born princess became a Brahmin.
17)As per Vishnu Puran, Rathotar belonging to family later became a Brahmin.
18)Even haarit, son of a Kshatriya king became a Brahmin(VP 4.3.5)
19)Shaunak though born in a Kshatriya family, became a Brahmin . (VP 4.8.1). In fact, as per Vishnu Puran, Vayu Puran and Harivansh Puran, sons of Rishi Shaunak belonged to all four diffrent Varnas.
20)Matanga was born to a Chandal but lived like a Brahmin.
21)Raavan, born to rishi Pulatsya became a famous Rakchas(demon) of all times.

Ravana,The most powerful, most terrible and most dangerous demon of all times.

22)Similarly,son of Raghu King, Pravriddha, became a Rakshas(Demon).
23)Trishanku became a Chandal from a victorius king.
24) Sons of renowned sage Vishwamitra became Shudra. Vishwamitra was a Kshatriya before he became a Brahmin.
25)    consider Vyasa himself. He was the son of Parashara, a Brahamana, and Satyavati, a daughter of a fisherman.
26)    Or, consider the Draupadi svayamvara. Arjuna was thought by everyone to be only a poor Brahmana. Yet he was allowed to participate.

There are many more examples of such caste system. In this article, once again we saw how the present caste system is a slap to the original vedic caste system, which was perfect by all means. Original caste system divided the human beings as per their deeds and not by their birth in any renowned Family or to any revered personality. Sadly, the present generation is too ignorant to realise the importance and true meaning of vedic caste system. Hope, the government take initiative steps to educate the modern generations on vedic concepts including vedic caste system instead of imparting unnecessary and invaluable western mythological stories.

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