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Stories of radha krishna love
Posted By Sarin on Apr 17, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

In many Blogs, you will find extremely vulgar and wrong information given about the relationship of Lord Krishna with radha and other gopis. So, this article will show the true relationship of Krishna with radha and other gopis and will also refute the claims written by some extremists across many blogs.
Although there are many stories of radha Krishna love, let me bring out the most famous ones...

Jealousy of Radha's fair complexion
Young Krishna is known to be very mischievous and playful. One of his story states that as a child, Lord Krishna was very jealous of Radha's fairness since he was very dark.
One day, Krishna taunted his mom Yashoda on this injustice of god who made him very dark whereas Radha was gifted fairness.  Mother yashoda tried to explain him by giving many reasons (there is even a song with those reasons) still lord krishna was not convinced and demanded for more satisfactory answers. Then to soothe her crying child, mother yashoda told him to colour Radha face in whichever colour he like.
Naughty Krishna always ready to play a prank took advantage of mother Yashoda advice and applied many natural colour on her beloved face thus making her look like his own colour..
This naughty act of krishna applying colour on Radha and other gopi's has been shown consistently in many antique paintings.

Lord Krishna, his friends, radha and gopis playing holi  

The Celebrations of Holi

Somehow, this lovable naughtiness of lord Krishna applying colour on his beloved face has gained wide acceptance and popularity and todays young generation celebrate this lovable prank in a full fledged festival called holi using water jets and artificial colors.
Not only young ones but also older generation celebrate this festival by applying colours on their relative and beloved ones to show their love and affection.
Best of this festival can be enjoyed in Vrindavan, Mathura,Nandgaon and Barsana-places associated with Radha and Krishna even though the whole country drench themselves in colors and waters in this national festival to celebrate the everlasting love of Radha and Krishna.
In many states across India, idols of Krishna & Radha is decorated in a palanquin and then devotees pull the chariot to move this idols across the whole city. While pulling the chariot, devotees sing devotional songs, chant Krishna's name and dance chanting hare krishna mantra.

Crowd playing holi at lord Krishna birth place (Vrindavan-Mathura).  

Legend of Hot Milk

This story depicts the eternal relation between Krishna and Radha. Lord Krishna was not married to Radha yet He had immeasurable for Radha. Jealous of Radha, krishna wives jealous planned a prank to tease Radha.They gave the bowl of burning hot milk to Radha saying that the lord had sent this sweet milk for her. Without thinking, Radha drank the whole hot milk.
Happy in their prank when they returned, they saw lord krishna suffering with painful ulcers. Krishna gave his wives the message that radha resides in every pore of him and they are one and the same i.e. Hot milk did nothing to Radha, but affected Krishna badly. Lord took all the pain and miseries of his beloved on himself. This also sets the example that lord krishna free all the pain and suffering of their loving devotees.

Only radha's name will be associated with krishna
When Lord Krishna heard about his wives jealous prank, he cursed them that even though you all are my wives, my name will not be associated with all of you and the whole world will remember me by associating my name only with radha. He also declared that from now on, only radha name will be taken before his name. That's the reason why radha is always spelled before Krishna and all krishna temple is named as Radha Krishna temple and not Krishna radha temple.
Radha true and Unconditional love
To tease his favourite wife rukmini, Krishna intentionally would utter radha name very softly like "O Radha..O Radha."

Out of jealousy, rukmani asked him the reason behind remembering Radha so much. Saying nothing, lord krishna just smiled.
Next day, Lord started moaning in stomach Ache. Rukmani medicines didn't work and lord kept moaning in agony.

Saying that only charanamrit(Feet blessed water) of his true lover can end his pain, krishna begged Rukmani for her charanamrit.

Rukmani shockingly refused and said:
"I cannot commit such a horrible sin? You are my Lord and even the thought of giving you charanamrita would send me to hell."

Krishna called an attendant to find his true lover in Vrindavan and get some charanamrita from him/her. Attendant did as lord reqeuested and came back with a Cup of charanamrit. Moment the lord sipped little charanamrit, all the pain was gone.

Smilingly, He asked the attendant, "Who gave you Charanamrita?". Attendant said "Knowing that the charanamrit is for lord, no one in Vrindavan agreed to give charanmitra except the young woman who came running to me with little charanamrit in cup. Even when her companions stopped her by saying that she is committing the grave sin, she didn't stop and said, "I don't care about my future but I cannot think of my beloved Krishna in agony and pain."

Turning to rukmani, krishna said softly "Radha always think about my good and is not afraid of going to hell for me.
if such unconditional loves radha has for me, then why shouldn't I yearn for her?"

This is the perfect example of true and Unconditional love. Sacrifice is the most important characteristics of True love.

Note: Images used on this website are either a production of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust(, Iskcon Foundation or were found in google search under "Free to use and share". If any of the images presented here violates copyright issues or infringes anyone copyright or are not under "Fair use", then please bring it to our notice. Read Disclaimer for more.

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