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Ram temple Celebration in New York city. Communists and Muslim fanatics Blocks Celebration
Posted By Sarin on Aug 02, 2020     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Very soon, Times Square of New York City will be projected with 3d Images of Lord Rama across 4+ giant LED screens. Chants of lord rama will resonate across the new York city and the entire world. Jagdish Sewahani, who is the president of the American India Public Affairs claims that lord rama enlightened his mind to celebrate the historical moment of Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan in New York City on 5th August, coinciding with the stone foundation ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in ayodhya.

Check below video For the protest by communists

All of you may be already aware that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. Jagdish Sewahani has already done all the preparations of leasing prominent billboards for the occasion of lightening the 17,0000 square foot giant Led screen with beautiful 3D images of Lord rama. More than 1 lakhs members of the strong Indian community are expected to attend the event.
Despite of New York City being severely affected by corona epidemic, 1 lakh Hindus attending an event shows how important is the ayodhya temple construction for Hindus across the world. Many American Hindus wanted to reach ayodhya for the celebration of this historic event. But due to non-availability of flights, they are unable to do so. So, they are planning to attend the event at times square of new York city. Preparation is already on the way to distribute 100 kg's of laddus to the peoples attending the event
According to sehwani "This celebration is very significant as the long-pending dreams of 1.5 billion Hindus have been achieved after a long battle of 150+ years. He also credited Prime Minister Modi for fulfilling the dreams of 1.5 billion Hindus"
While all these preparation of bhumi pujan is going on, another preparation by anti-Ram brigade are planning to block the celebration. Liberals and sickulars are unable to digest the celebration by American Hindus. Communist's leaders backed by muslins fanatics have decided to protest the event and have called the whole celebration funny and unsecular. He called American Hindus as crooks and stooges of BJP leaders.
This communist leader was supported by a Muslim fanatic who said it is the right of the people to block the celebration of Hindu events as BJP is painting the world with saffron colour. Can you believe that? This guy said opposing Hindu celebration is right of the people.
Ram temple Celebration in New York city. Communists and Muslim fanatics Blocks Celebration
Whatever these fanatics and communist leaders do, they will fail very badly. No Indian except the stooges of anti-Hindu community will support such leaders. Indians across the world will celebrate the event with great funfare and enthusiasm. And I request all of you to celebrate this event with you neighbours, relatives, friends and everyone in the society. Distribute ladoos, light diya, chant rama mantras etc. And don't forget to take all the necessary COVID-19 precautions while you do all the celebrations
Jai Shri ram

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