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Hindu mantras for success in business
Posted By Sarin on Jul 17, 2014     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Chanting of mantras is of no use unless you do the necessary karma (hard work) to achieve your goals. Hard work combined with innovation and creativity is the key to success. So before I List out the various Hindu mantras for business, let us first go through some of the tips/guidelines that should help you in achieving success in business.
Tips/guidelines to start business
Starting a business is much more difficult than one usually thinks. Many aspiring businessman starts a business with a thinking that they would start earning money just by turning their computers on and dealing with customers. However, such a business startup usually ends up in a dustbin box. This is very evident from a survey that states more than 90% of the business startups fails within 3 years of operation due to poor planning and inefficient management.
So, let us go through some of the tips/actions that would help you in formulating course of actions before or after you start a business.
Organize yourself
First step to success is to keep yourself organized. To be successful in business, you need to develop a business attitude and must have good planning and organizational skills. Plan out your daily task on a to-do list and cross it out once you complete the task. This will ensure that you don’t miss any critical tasks (like client meeting) that are very significant for the success of your business. Be consistent with your daily tasks as it would yields long term positive habits and benefits
Hindu mantras for success in business
Daily to-Do list
Test your idea and creativity
Aspiring businessman often rush in implementing their idea without any planning and careful evaluation on whether the idea is really going to work. Do some research by googling out your idea. Ask for opinions from successful entrepreneurs and targeted customers. Target key distributors, competitors, suppliers, and customers from your idea for smooth functioning of your business.

Take courageous decisions
One out of five people you see on the street has a business idea but only one in such hundred people’s attempts to implement their idea. Many fear of failures and don’t wanna risk their fixed monthly earnings (salary). To succeed in business, you need to make tough decisions to realize your idea unconditionally.  
Having an idea is not enough as you need to adapt your idea to changing customer preferences. Success in business greatly depends on adaptability to changing market situations and demands. During the initial phase of business, you need to approach customer with your products/services rather than the other way around of customers approaching your business.  
Don’t expect everything to happen as you planned. Prepare yourself for surprises and unforeseen events like Staff issues, customer misunderstandings, attrition, cash inflow, loss etc. Adaptability would never let your mind paralyzed in fear and would help you in taking effective decisions and course of actions in extreme circumstances.  

Hindu mantras for success in business
Hire Employees
No businessman is an expert on all business areas. So, outsource work for which you don’t gave competence or hire professionals for the same. Surround yourself with employees who know more than you do. In addition to hiring quality professionals relevant to your domain, hire a lawyer and accountant. Lawyer would help you in patenting products and address legal issues pertaining to employees, products, customer and services. Delegate your responsibilities to employees with more autonomy. Communicate with employees across verticals and set realistic strategic goals for each one of them. Declare incentives and rewards for outperforming employees.

Create a business Plan
Before starting a business venture, plan out all the necessary actions that you need to execute so as to achieve success in business. Very often, business owners are so stuck in their day to day operations that they neglect their long term goals. So, hire a personal secretary or a business professional to help you compose a long term business plan. Sketch out your monthly/quarterly/yearly business goals along with investment/profits and other  statistics on a piece of paper and keep it at your work place so that you can track it daily.  

This will help you in viewing your progress/shortcomings on a daily basis and formulating alternate course of actions to address those shortcomings/failures. 
Hindu mantras for success in business
Take calculated risks
No business venture is successful without taking calculated risks. Never invest your entire fortune on a new business idea. Don’t be afraid of taking risk that is very crucial for the growth of your company. Calculate your risk carefully and prepare a course of actions if your calculated risks doesn’t works out.
Track business statistics
Create a software to maintain all your business statistics. This will help you in understanding business progress, financial situations, customers, competitors, products, operating cost, revenues, taxes, employee costs, profits and future potential challenges. These business statistics will help you in creating strategies to overcome the shortcomings, limitations and obstacles that are impacting your business growth.
Stay tuned to your goals
A mango tree doesn’t start bearing fruit in a month or two. It may take up to five years for a mango tree to yield its first fruit. Similarly, don’t expect to make money from your business immediately. Don’t let the initial setbacks deter your mind. It takes time to build up your reputation and company brand name. Have plenty of patience to reap the benefits of your hard work. Have a positive attitude towards business and learn from mistakes and failures. Don’t dwell on past bad experiences and make every crisis/difficult situations an opportunity to learn and perform.  

So, stay focused on your short/long term goals and give some time before you start earning good margins.
Hindu mantras for success in business
Prepare to Make Sacrifices
Embrace yourself to make plenty of sacrifices if you aspire to be a successful businessman. Some of the sacrifices are less spending of time with family, relatives and friends, late night work, less sleep etc. Balance all aspects of your life by separating out the time for business, family and leisure activities. Celebrate with family, relatives, employees and friends whenever you achieve important goals.  
Be disciplined
Owning a business gives you plenty of freedom but most often this also results in indiscipline and ego. Never let the freedom take away your discipline as it is very essential for hard work, commitment and positive perception among employees, relatives, friends and family who are the important part of your business idea.
Be productive and automate repetitive tasks
Automation and productivity is the cornerstone of business success. Identify repetitive manual tasks and automate it (software) if possible. Don’t waste your time, money and manpower in doing repetitive task daily. Instead, focus yourself on business critical issues that directly impacts sales and profits.  

Increase productivity of your team or employees by use of latest software’s, technologies and efficient business process.
Hindu mantras for success in business
Follow your competitors
Don’t hesitate to learn from your competitors. Watch your competitors closely and learn from their strategies that have given better returns to their business. Following your competitors would also keep you in touch with the latest events and emerging trends of your business domain.
Excel in customer Service
Provide excellent services to your customer thereby inclining to come back to you again and again for your good services. Always think of why customers would purchase from you when they can purchase from your rival? Having a good understanding of customer needs and expectations is very crucial to build committed relationships. Employ a designer to build inexpensive prototype of your products/idea to influence the mind of your potential customers. Listen to your customers by asking a feedback on pricing, services, delivery and buying experiences.
Promote Your Business
Let the world know you exists. Create a website and modernize it regularly with latest technologies. Reach out to potential customers by telemarketing or advertising your products and services on radio, TV, newspapers, brochures, online pay per click advertising and joining social networking sites. Make an emotional appeal to customer by showing your products as popular and attractive, consistent use of which results in increased wealth/ health/security or anything that your products/services offer.  
Hindu mantras for business
If you are a spiritual person or performs yoga/meditation, then apart from above tips, chant the following mantras composed by enlightened sages to freshen up your mind and bring all round success in business. You are advised to chant any of these mantras 108 times daily at sunrise (After bath) and sunset for enormous profit in your business. Chanting in Surya namaskar pose is recommended
Hindu mantras for success in business
Mantra 1
AUM hreem sreem arham asi aa u saa
Anahatha-vidheyam arham nama.
Mantra 2
AUM hreem sreem kleem maha-lakshmai nama:om namo bhagava’ u  goyamassa budhassa akheenassa bhaaswaree hreem nama: swaahaa.

Mantra 3
AUM Namo Bhagava’u Goyamasya Buddasya Akheena Mahanasasya, Bhaaskaree Sreem Hreem Mama Chinthitham Kaarya Aanaya-Aanaya, Pooraya Pooraya Swaahaa.
Mantra 4
This mantra is attributed to goddess Laxmi, the presiding deity of wealth and fortune.
AUM Kansonsmitam Hiranya Prakaram Aardraam Jwalantim Triptam Tarpyenteem, Padhesthitam Padhmavarnaam Tami Hope Vhayeshriyam
Mantra 5(For shopkeepers and traders)
Chant these mantra with rudraksha beads and keep rudraksha beads inside a cash counter after chanting.
AUM durge smruta harsi bhautimashesh janto,
Swaste smruta mati shubham dadasi ll
Mantra 6
AUM Aim Shreem Mahalakshmayee
Kamal dharinayee garud vahinayee
Shreem aim namah
Mantra 7(for Losses and debt recovery)

Om Bhurida Bhuri Dehino Ma Dhabam Bhurya Bhar
Bhur Ghedindra Ditsasi
Om Bhurida Hyasi Srutah Puruja Shur Vrughan
Aano Bhajasva Radhasi

Mantra 8
|| Om Hleem Poornna Saafalyam Om Phat Kuru Kuru ||

Watching your idea turning into a product that later generates revenues and profits is a very challenging and rewarding process which requires focus, discipline, hard work and perseverance. With an efficient team that adheres to basic business guidelines, you would be on a right track towards a successful business venture. While the above guidelines are not guaranteed to work for you, at least some of these points would help you in turning your business idea into a successful business organization.  

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