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Why hanuman is the only savior of this age- kaliyuga
Posted By Sarin on Aug 18, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

Hanuman- just the name signifies purity, devotion, knowledge, strength, love etc. There is no need to say about the extra ordinary qualities of hanuman, an ardent devotee of lord ram. An incarnation of lord Shiva, hanuman was born as a Vanara(Intelligent race of ape-like human). He participated in lord rama war against demon ravana to being back kidnapped sita.

Hanuman, incarnation of lord shiva
Hanuman is blessed by all deities and is powerful among all gods
Hanuman was not the mightiest since birth and didn’t have many extra ordinary powers when he was born.
The story behind his attainment of magnificent power goes like this.
As a child when hanuman was looking out of the window, then he saw the brightening yellow mango on the mango tree surrounded by leaves but in reality it was the sun piercing through the gaps left by leaves of mango tree. Same was the time for another planet (Demon Rahu) to eat (Hide) the sun. Seeing hanuman taking the sun in his mouth, he fighted with hanuman. Hanuman being powerful thrashed Rahu.  
Rahu then informed Indra (Lord of heaven) about the incident and provoked him to kill hanuman since he interferes in the natural proceedings of solar eclipse.  

Hanuman eating sun and then thrashing demon Rahu while deity surya watches
Angry Indra fired his powerful weapon vajra (thunderbolt) at Hanuman. Being an avatar of lord Shiva, hanuman didn’t die by Indra strike but he became unconscious and fell back down on earth. Upset over Indra attack on innocent child, another deity Vayu (the deity of wind), and second father of lord hanuman, went into seclusion mode by withdrawing all the air of the universe which made all the living beings asphyxiate. Seeing this, other deities requested Indra to withdraw the effect of his weapon ‘Vajra’. When Indra withdrew his weapon effect, hanuman became conscious but Vayu was still not happy since his child suffered the strike of Vajra. All the deities then blessed hanuman with powerful powers to appease deity Vayu. On the request of Lord Brahma, deity Vayu later released all the air back into the atmosphere.

All deities giving boon to baby hanuman
Brahma gave hanuman the boon of ‘not getting killed by any weapon in war’. Brahma also gave the power of removing fear in friends, influencing fear in enemies, and ability to vary his form and structure as per his will. Lord Shiva gifted him scriptural wisdom, prolonged life and power of flying across the ocean. Indra blessed baby hanuman body to become stronger than his powerful weapon Vajra so that Vajra no longer affects his body. Deity Varuna(Water) blessed Hanuman of remaining protected from water. Deity Agni (Fire) blessed hanuman of immunity against fire. Surya gifted hanuman with two yogic siddhis "laghima" and "garima" because of which he would change his body to smallest or biggest form. Deity Yama, God of Death blessed him of immunity against his weapon danda.Diety Kubera (God of wealth) blessed hanuman to remain happy and contented. Deity Vayu himself blessed hanuman to travel faster than air.
Hanuman, the most powerful using his boon of changing his body size.  

Vajra impact on hanuman jaw (hanu
 in sankrit) created a permanent mark on his chin which gave him the name hanuman. Man means “disfigured” or "prominent".  Before this incident, hanuman was called as ‘Maruti’. His name is also derived combination from two sanskrit words Han ("destroyed” or "killed) and maana (pride) thus implying the meaning "one whose pride was destroyed”
Hanuman is the most knowledgeable deity
When hanuman came to know that lord surya(Sun) has all the knowledge of the three worlds, he quickly raised his body around the sun orbit and requested surya to transfer knowledge by accepting him as a student. Surya refused by claiming that he always have to travel in his planet (Sun) which will make him impossible to take knowledge properly. Undeterred, Hanuman enlarged his form to such an extent that one leg was on the western ranges while the other on the western ranges covering the entire earth and once again pleaded surya to teach.  
Pleased by his determination, Deity Surya (Sun) agreed and gave all the knowledge to hanuman.  

Hanuman gaining knowledge from Surya (Sun)
On completion of his education, Hanuman asked Surya to quote his guru-dakshina(teacher's fee). Surya refused by saying that the pleasure to teach such a dedicated student was a fee in itself. Later on hanuman continuous insistence, Surya told him to help his spiritual son sugreeva in his fight against bali (Powerful king of kingdom kiskagandha)

Hanuman was blessed with immortality by goddess sita and lord rama
Hanuman crossed the ocean to reach lanka in search of goddess Sita (Lord Rama wife) who was kidnapped by demon Ravana. On seeing goddess Sita sobbing on her separation from husband lord Rama, hanuman appeared in front of Sita and gave her lord Rama ring. On seeing lord rama ring, she became assured that her husband is alive and hanuman is his messenger. Pleased by hanuman devotion and the news of rama trying to rescue her, she blessed hanuman with immortality. Since then, Hanuman remains immortal; and responds to the call of his sincere devotees thereby helping them in fulfilling their desires.
In another story, when hanuman teared his chest to show the image of ram and Sita residing in his heart, he was blessed with immortality by both Lord rama and goddess sita. Further, he was honored as the greatest devotee of all times by all the ministers of lord ram court.  

Why he is the only savior of this kaliyuga
When Ram was descending from earth to go back to his abode vaikuntha, he asked all his devotees including hanuman to come with him but Hanuman declined saying that he is so much enchanted by his holy name that he want to stay on earth to hear the devotees chant his lord holy name.  He said Chanting Rama is sweeter than heaven. So, he stayed on earth to hear the chant of lord ram holy name and helping all his sincere devotees.  
Another form of story says that when lord ram asked all his devotees to ascend to vishunu loka, then hanuman also came forward to serve Him in vaikuntha, but Rama reminded Hanuman of his desire to stay on earth and inspiring citizens of earth to attain Sri Ram (Vaikuntha). He also reminded him of goddess Sita blessing of immortality turning futile if he ascends to vishnuloka. So lord ram asked hanuman to stay on earth to help inhabitants of earth attains moksha through devotion and karma.

Rama hugging hanuman before ascending to vaikuntha
Hence, he is one of the seven immortals blessed with immortality. Moreover, it is said that he will become the Brahma of next manavatar. Devotees can expect something some magnificent creation in his Brahma form.
Lord Hanuman is the personification of Truthfulness and Loyalty. At the same time a perfect God and a servant like devotee. He is Powerful like a thunder, but also obedient like a flower. He is Messenger of Lord Rama. Rama consider him has his brother. Sita considered him as her first Son.
It is said that wherever Ramayana is read with full faith and dedication, that house is visited by hanuman disguised. Whenever Ramkatha or Ramayana is recited anywhere, a special place is kept vacant for as it is believed that he comes to listen the Ramayana and lord ram chants.  
Because of all his magnificent powers and boon offered by various deities, only hanuman has the power to protect all the devotees from danger, ghosts, problems etc. Chanting hanuman chalisa solves tour problems, keeps negative thoughts/forces away from you. He is the only solution to all the problems of lord rama devotees. In short he is the only savior of this kaliyuga.

Hanuman the most powerful deity will solve all your problems
Before ending, below are the few names honored to lord hanuman.
Anjaneya, Anjaniputra or Anjaneyudu son of (mother of hanuman) 
Kesari Nandan son of kesari(father of hanuman) 
Maruti son of Marut (Vayu)
Pavanputra son of Pavan(wind)
Maharudra the great Rudra (Shiva)
Bajrang Balithe strong one (bali), having limbs(anga) and as hard as  vajra
Manojavamone who is swift as mind
Maarutatulyavegamone with speed equal to wind god
Jitendriyamone with complete control on his senses
Buddhimataamvarishthamone who is most senior among intellectuals
Vaataatmajam One who is son of wind God
Vaanarayoothamukhyamchief of vanara army
Shreeraamdootammessenger of rama 
Atulit Bal Dhaamamrepository of incomparable strength
Hemshailaabh Dehamone whose body resembles a golden mountain
Danujvan Krushanumone who is the destroyer of forces of demons
Gyaaninaam Agraganyamforemost among knowledgeable beings
Sakal Gun NidhaanamOne who is the repository of all virtues and good qualities.
Raghupati Priya Bhaktamone who is the dearest of all devotees to Lord Rama
Sankat Mochanone who liberates from dangers


Hanuman-the complete deity is the only solutions to all your problems.

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