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Science in Hinduism-Creation of Humans and third type of lord vishnu
Posted By Sarin on Jul 14, 2012     RSS Feeds     Latest Hinduism news

This is in continuation to part 1  and part 2  of the article-Creation of this universe. In previous two articles, we saw the scientific concept of extraction-contraction, Big bang and also the first two types of lord Vishnu. We also saw the creation of this universe and its various beings by Lord Brahma. In this article, we will see the how the first man and the subsequent human beings came into existence. We will also see the third and last form of lord Vishnu.  Please note all this content is taken from ancient scriptures especially srimad bhagvatam.
In the previous article, we saw how the First Man (Swayambhu Manu was born from the Kaya of his father Brahma (Ka-Brahma, ya-form). Interestingly, the same incident is also mentioned in Bible as - 'Man was created in the Image of His Maker!'
Adam and God - Manu and Brahma
Along with Manu, from the body of Lord Brahma, emerged the feminine principle in the form of Shatrupa, the counterpart to Biblical Eve. Such concept of man creation is mentioned in Norse mythology and Persian mythology as well. Norse Mythology used the term Ask and Ebla for Manu and Shatrupa, while the Zoroastrians called them Mashya and Mashyana  
Given the fact, there are some fundamental differences between the Hinduism and Western concepts of the Creation of Man.  
  1)    While in the former, Manu emerged on his own from the body of Lord Brahma while in the Latter, God deliberately created Adam.
2)    According to Hinduism scriptures, both manu and Shatrupa emerged on their own from the body of Brahma signifying equality of Sexes while in the Western scriptures, woman is said to be created from the rib of Man (u)
3)    Unlike the Islamic and Biblical scriptures, there is neither any mention of the First Couple thrown out of the Garden-of-Eden nor any concept of the original sin.
Garden of Eden
  4)    Also, there is no mention of the devil, disguised as a serpent, asking eve to pass on the forbidden fruit to Adam, resulting in their expulsion. On the contrary, Lord Brahma deliberately asks Manu and Shatrupa to establish their home on the Planet Earth. This biblical verse is in accordance to the puranic story wherein Manu is made the king of all creatures on Earth.
Manu and Shatrupa establishing their home on Earth
Given the differences, there are some more similarities between the western scriptures and the ancient Hinduism scriptures.
According to bible, Adam and Eve were created fully grown, and thus, they were the first human couple without navels. The message was that unlike humans, they did not develop in a womb, and hence, may not have been connected to an Umbilical Cord. This again exactly matches with the Hindus beliefs of Manu and Sharpe having no biological parents, emerging in full, from the body of Brahma. Moreover, Hindu scriptures don’t mention one Manu but more than ten different Manus. Note that Manu is not the name of a person but a title referring to different people across different spans of time just like Indra!!
The First Man - Manu
Also, it is very interesting to note that almost all the languages has the prefix man to specify humans or their ancestors  
For Ex: Germanic tribes call their ancestor as Mannus. Even in Marathi, man is called as mannus.
English word ‘man’ is derived from this German word mannus.  Manu is also the root of the Hindi word Manushya
Thus, Human-beings are said to be the progeny of Manu and Shantrupa (Adam and Eve) and they were given the task of populating this globe through copulation and quite evidently, today’s generations are doing a fantastic job in populating this globe
This creation of Manu and Shantarupa was the seventh Phase of creation. Since this phase saw the creation of Human-beings, it is known as the Manushya Sarga.  
Manu and Shantrupa - Hindu Adam and Eve

Then Lord Brahma came out from mode of passion and created other species with magical powers such as the Yakshas, Gandharvas, Sarpas, Apsaras etc. Again, some of these species are in the mode of darkness while others in the mode of goodness. This eight phase of creation was called the Anugrah Sarga.
In the ninth and final phase of Brahma’s creation, four Eternal Kumar’s (Born in the sixth phase) considered re-appeared in this day of Brahma. This phase was called as the Kumar Sarga.  
This final phase of Brahma’s creation ends the exhausting process of Creation after which Brahma heaves a sigh of relief.
Following verses from Purush Suktam explains the Supreme Sacrifice of the Adi-Purush which resulted in the commencement of Creation:
"To continue with Creation, Brahma gave form to a Man and a Woman. The Woman was called Shatrupa and the man was named Swayambhu Manu and. Humans are descended from Manu that is the reason they are known as Manavs."
Brahma heaves a sigh of relief
Since the 4 Kumars and the 10 Manas Putras were elder to devas and asuras, they were held in high respect by both the Devas and Asuras.

Now if you compare the creation process mentioned in science with the above creation process of lord Brahma, then you will observe that Brahma's Creation closely follows actual appearance of elements in our Universe -

First appeared the intangible elements like the protons, neutrons etc. then the matter in gaseous form; followed by the immovable planets, landmasses, mountain and oceans; then came the vegetation, birds, aquatics and animals; and finally the Higher species.
Moreover, the mode of reproduction was clearly asexual in the beginning (as seen with the manifestations of Rudras and Rudranis) and copulative process began only after the germination of Daksha with his consort Prasuti.
Before ending up the whole creation process, let us see the Third and the Final form of Lord Vishnu in the Material Realm. This form is called as Shri Kshirodak-shayi Vishnu. This form is present in each atom of the creation as 'Parmatma' or the Super-soul.  
Shri Kshirodakshayi Vishnu, the benefactor of all devotees.
This third form of lord Vishnu is the source of all incarnations. This also means that all the incarnations of lord Vishnu such as ram, parshuram, Krishna etc are actually the third form of lord Vishnu.
This third form of lord travels on Golden-eagle Garuda , resides on planet Shvet-dvip of the Dhruv-Loka, rests on the Sheshnaag with His consort Lakshmi and supervises this entire creation process of Lord Brahma that we discussed above.
This third form of lord vishnu is known as Kshirodakshayi Vishnu because He lies on the ocean of milk on the island of Svetadvipa.

This third expansion of Lord Vishnu is the incarnation of the quality of goodness and goodwill and maintains the universe. So, he is rightly called as the all-pervading Supersoul (Paramatma). He is the universal form of the Lord and expands Himself as the Supersoul within every living entity.  
Now there is another saying that among all the avatars, Lord Krishna was the supreme form of this Kshirodakshayi Vishnu  

Kshirodakshayi Vishnu-Lord of the universe

Thus, I would like to end by summarizing and concluding with the small poem.  
Under the influence of supreme lord maya
manu-shantrupa was born from brahma kaya
Brahma creation process has lot to tell
Same is mention in other scriptures as well
Manu was made the king of earth
From Manu, other humans took birth
First to born without copulation
Manu is title, not name of person
Brahma creation exactly matches with science
Vedas-puranas are full of ultimate guidance
Right from the creation of protons-neutrons
Till evolutionary end, when humans were born
Kshirodak-shayi Vishnu is lord third form
From this, all his incarnations are born
He is the supreme, all pervading super soul
Killing corrupts and bandits, his only goal
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